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Sean and I met while working in the cart barn at Temecula Creek Inn. We were the guys that would load up and clean your clubs, give questionable golf advice, and clean out the cart when you were done. We would also drive the range tractor that everyone likes to use as target practice. At some point, I started driving guests to the wedding venue on the weekends. I would see how much fun everyone was having taking pictures at the photo booth and I thought what a great job it would be. I would drive the photo booth attendants out to the venue before the wedding and would look at their setup. I noticed most of the booths looked the same and, to be honest, didn't look like they belonged at a wedding or fit in with all the beautiful decorations at the venue. Sean and I began to talk during our shifts together about how we would do it better and came up with the idea to make a photo booth business that was vintage themed. It took awhile, but we finally started Valley Vintage Photo Booth LLC.

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