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Vintage Booths

Art Deco Open Booth

Our art deco open booth is made up of several vintage and antique pieces that come together to create a classic photo booth that looks amazing in any setting - especially at outdoor events. We took our time hunting down an original Eastman Kodak 8x10 view camera from the 1930's. It sits on top of an Agfa tripod from 1900. They are both unrestored and the patina looks amazing. We use a General Electric floor radio from the 40's that houses the printer. The pictures come out of the slot in the front. We restored a 1940's Bardwell & McAlister Hollywood spotlight and modified a 1920's Dietzgen tripod for it to sit on top of. We designed this booth so that it will look amazing at your event. It has a classic asthetic that will add to your wedding or event and not take away from it like a standard photo booth.

Mid Century Booth (Estimated Completion Summer 2024)

We are currently working on this photo booth. Its a 1953 King canned ham trailer. The inside is 90% original and we are trying to modify as little as possible to turn it into a photo booth. It's rare to come across a trailer this old in such great original condition. There are some "vintage trailer" booths out there, but very little if anything is original on it. A trailer can only be original once and its hard to beat the original mid century style of this canned ham trailer. 

Mid Century Bar

Okay, so this isn't a photo booth, but we love everything vintage and this bar is too cool to keep to ourselves. It's about eight feet long, has faux leather padding on the front, and dark marble formica on the sides and top. The gold buttons and trim give this vintage mid-century bar amazing style that you just don't find today. We also have some amazing vintage barware to go with it.

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